Programme advantages

1. Leading international  cardiology specialists available for you

The specialists participating in this programme are all graduated from the ECVIM (European College of Veterinary Medicine)  or ACVIM (American College of Veterinary Medicine). They are independent renowned experts, working in Universities or referral practices.

2. A new session every month covering a wide range of cardiology topics

To help improve your skills in cardiology,  a wide range of topics will be presented in a very practical way, and you will have the possibility to test your knowledge in quiz

3. A customised content available for you to access on the internet whenever you wish

You can access to the sessions from any computer connected to Internet, at a suitable time for you. You can decide to view all the session or a part of it, repeat a piece or all of it, at your convenience.

Our experts

The experts in the e-learning programme are internationally recognised specialists in cardiology.

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