How to proceed within the session

  • How to switch from video to slide mode and vice versa?

    We must move the pointer over the thumbnail in the top left of the video.

  • How to watch a movie or a module?

    Wait until the sequence is loaded, which can take several seconds to few minutes depending on the quality of the connection.

  • How to move from one sequence to another in a module?

    Click on the region by choosing from the list on the right of the video

  • How to view an entire module?

    Must click on the clips in the order they appear in the list to the right of the video

  • How to view a slide in particular?

    Click on the slide in the frieze below the video whose title appears when you place the pointer on the slide

  • Is it possible to enlarge the pictures?

    Yes, simply click on the images involved

  • How to stop the video when viewing a module?

    Or by clicking directly on the time bar at the bottom of the video or the button pause the picture

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